The Good Shop was a week long pop-up at Boxpark, selling a range of vintage clothing, accessories and providing an opportunity for the British Red Cross to engage with a younger audience.

My idea for the shop title, Good Shop, lent itself to multiple playful riffs on phrases that included the word 'good', featured across the interior of the shop. I paired this with a minimal aesthetic, helping the shop fit in with its neighbours. I was responsible for the interior design of the shop, creating a look and feel that would effectively show-case the clothing and encourage customers to buy. Setting up shop in Shoreditch allowed me to eschew the typical charity shop aesthetic.

The shop met its financial targets and effectively engaged with a new audience and was so successful that it was used again the following year when the British Red Cross returned to Boxpark.
Range of stickers used throughout the store, that played on the idea of doing good.
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